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Coffee & Expresso, Cold Drinks and Smoothies, Organic Baked Goods, Quiche & Soup, Salads, Sandwiches and Wraps

Roast Turkey & Brie
Tuna Nicoise  
Egg Salad
Thai BBQ Chicken Wrap
Curry Chicken Wrap
Veggie Panini
Breakfast Burritos
(mushroom, spinach, bacon)
Salade de Maison
Tuna Salad
Mimosa Ceasar Salad
Poached Salmon Salad
Organic Pastries
Crossant & pain au chocolat
Scones, buns, bear claw
Cinnamon roll, Vegan muffins
Poppy seed
Quiche & Soup
Soup du jour
Spinach-feta quiche
Tomato-bacon quiche
House Coffee
Regular, Vanilla Nut, Decaf
Espresso Drinks
Espresso, Cappucino, Lattes, Hot Cocoa
Exotic Spiced Chais
Mighty High Chai, Organic “B” Chai, Vanilla Chai, Pirate’s Chaii
Organic Loose Teas
Herbal Organic, Orange Detox, Green, Parisian tea, English Breakfast, Sage Woman
Smoothies - Mango, Peach, Strawberry, Pear, 4 Berry